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Brave New Worlds

Depictions of utopias and dystopias have been a mainstay of literature for centuries. In these workshops, you’ll discover more about the history of this genre in English literature, before working together to construct your own utopias and dystopias.

Workshop One: Utopias

Students will start off by looking at the origins of utopian literature in Tudor England, and reflecting on the characteristics which make up a ‘utopia’, before working in groups to design, debate and critique their very own utopias.

Workshop Two: Dystopias

In the second session, students will explore the reverse of utopias: dystopias. Returning to their utopias from the first workshop, they will consider what would happen if they were to be turned on their heads, before looking at modern dystopian fiction and using what they have learnt to construct their own dystopian worlds.


Class Creator – Dr Eleanor Baker
(PhD in English Literature)

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