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Welcome to Inspire Digital, an online resource platform and termly publication for secondary school pupils. The aim of the publication is to provide a portal of information useful for preparing your mind for those tricky interview questions and to help you source articles, TED talks, YouTube videos, newspaper articles and other sources to delve further into selected topics. With practice puzzles set and solved by real Oxford tutors, competitions with amazing prizes, and the chance for your school to contribute to the magazine with puzzles of their own, there really is no better place to enhance your learning! You also have a chance to ask our Access/Admissions team and our student ambassadors – our friendly staff and real-life Oxford students – questions or to give us suggestions about interesting titles for future editions.

Inspire Digital is an interactive resource, with new material, hints and solutions to the questions posted on a regular basis. Subscribe to using the sign-up box in the footer below to keep up-to-date!

Issue 1: How to make a successful video game?

Issue 2: What is the power of a volcano?

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