Year 9 Class 6: Competition results

We’re delighted to announce the winners of this year’s final set of Pre-GCSE Inspire competitions! For Class 6, we considered factors in pricing a video game and explored copyright in game design. In the competitions, students put into practice what they had learned about video game pricing by designing their own in-game purchases. You can see the top entries for this class’s competitions below.

Congratulations to the winners of Class 6 competitions:

  • Marina, Ealing
  • Adchaya, Ealing
  • Aaqib, Harrow
  • Manvir, Ealing
  • Nathan, Harrow
  • Thomas, Ealing

Each of you have won an Amazon voucher. This will be sent to the email address you provided in your competition cover sheet; please get in touch with us at if you haven’t received yours by the end of the week.

Competition 15: The economics of Fortnite

Part 1: We know that 69% of Fortnite players have made in-game purchases with an average spend of £65, but 31% have paid nothing at all. What is the average spend of all players?

Part 2: Suppose that Fortnite charged £20 to buy the game instead of giving it away for free and just charging for in-game purchases? What would happen to the total amount of money they make if the total number of players fell by 10%? Or by 50%? Or by other amounts? Assume initially that the average spend on in-game purchases stays the same. What would happen if the average spend changed?

To prepare for this competition, you should read “How to earn billions by giving something away for free”. Your competition entry should attempt to answer as many of these questions as possible and explain the reasoning you used to arrive at your answers. Entries should be 300 words or less.

1st place: Marina, Ealing

2nd place: Adchaya, Ealing

2nd place entry, by Adchaya
(click to open in full size)


Competition 16: Factors in game pricing

There are a number of important factors that video game designers must consider when thinking about how to price a game. To prepare for this competition you should read “How to earn billions by giving something away for free” to learn a bit more about some of these factors.

Part 1: Switching costs

Try to estimate how big “switching costs” might be for a video game like Fortnite. If you are a game player, how much are you willing to pay to try a new game that you don’t know much about? How much are you willing to pay to be allowed to keep on playing a game once you have been enjoying it for a few weeks? The difference is your switching cost. Ask your friends what they think too and find the average switching cost.

Part 2: Network effects

Now try to estimate “network effects”. If you are a game player, how much would you be willing to pay for a game like Fortnite if no one else was playing it? What if all your friends were playing it? The difference is the value of network effects to you. Ask your friends the same question and find the average value of network effects.

Your entry should answer both questions in no more than 300 words. You may want to include a chart or graph of your results.

1st place: Aaqib, Harrow

2nd place: Manvir, Ealing

Competition 17: Design an in-game purchase

Each class will have a photo, art or short video competition with a prompt based on the topic we are studying in that class. This class’s task is a design challenge:

Choose a video game that is currently not given away for free. Imagine you were designing a free version. What in-game purchases could you introduce to make money? How much would you charge for them? Do you think you would make more or less money compared to charging for the game?

Your competition entry should visually illustrate an in-game purchase you have designed for your game; this can be a photograph, drawing, short video (<10 seconds) or other form. You should also include a short written explanation (maximum 100 words) in which you explain your entry.

1st place: Nathan, Harrow

2nd place: Thomas, Ealing


We hope you’ve enjoyed these fortnightly online classes and competitions, and we’re excited to see you next week for the Pre-GCSE Inspire Programme’s Virtual Summer School! Make sure you have the Pre-GCSE Inspire page bookmarked so you don’t miss it. See you there!