Pre-GCSE Inspire Programme

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Welcome to the new online home for the Pre-GCSE Inspire Programme!

Class material will be released fortnightly on Wednesdays. You will receive the classes from your Teacher Coordinator, and they will also be linked below from each release date.

Keep in mind you don’t need to read every class cover-to-cover: we’ve provided a lot of material for you to engage with, but you can choose to focus on whatever is most interesting to you, and to enter the competitions which most interest you.

Class 1: Computer Science

  • Release date: 22 April
  • Competition deadline: 6 May

Class 2: English & History

  • Release date: 6 May
  • Competition deadline: 20 May

Class 3: Medicine & Psychology

  • Release date: 20 May
  • Competition deadline: 10 June

Class 4: Language & Linguistics

  • Release date: 10 June
  • Competition deadline: 24 June

Class 5: Maths

  • Release date: 24 June
  • Competition deadline: 8 July

Class 6: Economics & Law

  • Release date: 8 July
  • Competition deadline: 22 July


We encourage you to participate in as many competitions as you can, but they are not compulsory. To enter a competition:

  1. Complete your competition entry and make sure it follows the guidelines listed for that competition
  2. Fill out the competition cover sheet
  3. Email your entry and your cover sheet to us at

Virtual Summer School

Monday 3 August – Friday 7 August 2020

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