Inspire Virtual Summer Schools

Inspire Virtual Summer Schools

We’re excited to host Virtual Summer Schools for all three strands of the Inspire Programme in the first week of August!

One of the highlights of our year at St John’s College is our Inspire Programme summer schools. Of course, this year things are running a bit differently – but even though we cannot currently host summer schools in College, we are excited to run our summer schools virtually instead!

Our Virtual Summer Schools will be running through the first week of August for students enrolled on our Pre-GCSE, Year 11 and Year 12 Inspire Programmes. All year groups will complete a series of academic tasters across various media, as well as virtual tours of Oxford’s famous museums and our popular interactive tour of St John’s College hosted by Agnes the Access Lamb. Year 9s will complete a week-long academic project, while Year 12 students will compete in a series of daily activities and work throughout the week on an academic poster. Competitions will be running all week, with winners announced the following week.

The Virtual Summer Schools are now available via the links below:

Year 9 Virtual Summer School timetable
Year 11 Virtual Summer School timetable
Year 12 Virtual Summer School timetable (Humanities)
Year 12 Virtual Summer School timetable (STEM)