Inspire Virtual Summer Schools in review

Following last week’s Virtual Summer Schools on the Inspire Programme, we are excited to announce the winners of last week’s Year 9 and Year 12 competitions!

UK Parliament for Year 11: Day 2

Today, you’ll be able to put your learning to the test with some interactive online games put together by the UK Parliament outreach team!

Medieval journeys

What drove people in Medieval times to journey from their homes? During this lecture you will see examples of the travel people undertook for a variety of reasons.

Pitt Rivers Museum

Welcome to the Pitt Rivers Museum! Take a virtual tour of the museum and practice your observation skills with the Museum’s collection of masks.

Disease modelling

During this lecture, you will see how two different areas of maths can be used to model the spread of diseases through a population.

Museum of Natural History

Welcome to the Museum of Natural History! Take a virtual tour and explore the museum’s highlights here.

History of Science Museum

Welcome to the History of Science Museum in Oxford! Explore the museum virtually and learn about the fascinating instruments in its collection here.

UK Parliament for Year 11: Day 1

In this session you will get to know the UK Parliament, and you will learn about some ways in which you can get involved. We will start by learning about Parliament and its history, and finish off the day with some votes and debating exercises.

Biodiversity and Conservation for Year 11, Day 1

There is a huge variety of wildlife found locally, in our gardens and local green spaces. It is important to monitor this diversity, to see whether it changes seasonally, or over time as our green spaces in Britain become more urbanised.

Inspire Virtual Summer Schools

One of the highlights of our year at St John’s College is our Inspire Programme summer schools – and this year they are happening virtually! Click here to learn more.