Oxplore: Is fantasy better than real life?

Throughout this week, we are linking up with Oxplore, the University of Oxford’s ‘Home of the Big Questions’ to dive a little deeper into some of the topics you’ve covered during the Summer School, with a new Big Question every day.

Today we have continued our look at art and literature, looking at novels and theatre from the time of Shakespeare, through the Victorian era, to contemporary literature – including questions about what exactly is ‘real’ in literature. So, for the final Oxplore question of this Summer School, we will delve deeper into this question of reality as we ask: is fantasy better than real life?

Click the picture above to visit today’s Oxplore question.

After you’ve explored some of the materials on Oxplore, why not tell us what you think? Try writing a mini-essay setting out your thoughts on the question. Or draw a picture, take a photograph, or create a short video to illustrate some of the issues you have explored – be as creative as you like!

Share with us!

We would love to see any examples of work that you do during your Inspire Summer School. This can be a photo of something you have made, a picture you have drawn, some written work (e.g. the start of a speech, or the answer to a question we asked), or some thoughts you have about what you have learnt! Submit your work to us through this form.

All pupils who share their work with us by August 31 2021 will receive a certificate of participation in the summer school and will be entered into a prize draw! A £10 Amazon voucher will be awarded to each winning entry, selected randomly from all submissions. If you give us permission, your entry may be shared on Inspire Digital and our social media alongside your first name.