Inspire Year 11: Class 2 materials released

After digging through Roman trade documents, dinner party wares and petrified library scrolls in Class 1 of our Year 11 Inspire course in early January, we’re now excited to release Class 2! This time we will consider the role volcanoes played in the demise of the dinosaurs. We’ll learn about the geographical records that volcanic eruptions leave, as well as how to calculate the size of a volcanic eruption based on just three variables. Finally, we will consider the nature of natural disasters and what bearing this has on the economic value of human lives.


  • 5pm TODAY is the deadline for Class 1 competitions—get your entries in now! Winners will be notified and top entries will be published in the next week.
  • The competition deadline for Class 2 competitions is Monday, 24 Feburary 2020: make sure you submit your competition entries by 5pm that day! You can find the submission guidelines here.
  • Also on 24 February, we will send you the materials for Class 3. See December’s Introduction to the course for a summary of what to expect in this class.

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