Here you can find the full details of every competition you can enter as part of the Year 11 course.

With each class in the Year 11 course, we will include a few competitions for you to participate in. Some of these will be writing prompts, some will be maths questions and some will be creative assignments. When each class is released, the competition details will also be uploaded to this page.

How to enter

  1. Complete your competition entry and make sure it follows the guidelines listed for that competition
  2. Fill out the competition cover sheet *
  3. Email your entry and your cover sheet to us at

* If we do not receive a completed cover sheet with your entry, we will NOT be able to consider the entry.


For each competition, the winning entry will receive a £20 Amazon voucher, and the runner-up will receive a £10 Amazon voucher. The top 10 entries will also be published in this section about a week after each competition’s closing date. For maths competitions, the first 5 pupils to submit the correct answer will have their name listed here–along with the correct answer, for anyone who wants to check their work! Some prizes may differ slightly from these; each competition’s full details will be listed with each class release.

Remember, in order to be eligible to apply to the Summer School in 2020, you need to participate in at least one competition!

Class 1: Handling volcanic objects

The deadline for the following three competitions is 5pm on Monday, 27 January 2020. We’ll be in touch with winners about a week after this date.