Year 12 Summer School – Research Posters

We have had a fantastic selection of research posters submitted by students as part of the Inspire Programme Summer Schools. Listed below are all of the Year 12 posters, covering a huge variety of subjects, from Genetics to Graph Theory. All of the posters have been completed to a high standard – very well done to everyone who submitted!

Aayushi Jhaveri

Aayushi Jhaveri - Poster

Abdullah Qureshi

Abdullah Qureshi - Poster

Abi Pathmanathan

Abi Pathmanathan - Poster

Aftab Chhina

Aftab Chhina - Poster

Akangcha Subba

Akangcha Subba - Poster

Allycia Haria

Allycia Haria - Poster

Alya Irfan

Alya Irfan - Poster.jpg

Amarvir Chana

Amarvir Chana - Poster

Amer Al-Hadad

Amer Al-Hadad - Poster

Amritpreet Singh

Amritpreet Singh - Poster

Ana Lazic

Ana Lazic - Poster

Anisa Haashi

Anisa Haashi - Poster

Bruce Chen

Bruce Chen - Poster.jpg

Cameron Bicknell

Cameron Bicknell

Daniyal Aftab

Daniyal Aftab - Poster

Dhara Doshi

Dhara Doshi - Poster

Ella Kulisic

Ella Kulisic - Poster

Fatima Charifo

Fatima Charifo - Poster.jpg

Hafsha Hameed Lebbe

Hafsha Hameed Lebbe - Poster

Janies Rosario

Janies Rosario - Poster.jpg

Jason Gooding

Gooding, Jason

Kavithira Amalanikethan

Kavithira Amalanikethan - FINAL Poster.jpg

Kofo Boboye

Kofo Boboye - Poster 2.jpg

Leon Checkland

Leon Checkland - Poster

Liam Rai

Liam Rai - Poster.jpg

Louise Fair

Louise Fair - Poster.jpg

Maanya Chandhock

Maanya Chandhock - Poster

Mahek Kapoor

Mahek Kapoor - Poster.jpg

Mahnoor Imam

Mahnoor Imam.jpg

Maja Szczepanczyk

Maja Szczepanczyk - Poster

Manisa Regami

Manisa Regami - Poster

Nim Etzioni

Nim Etzioni - Poster

Satbir Singh Matharu

Sabtir Singh Matharu

Sahra Musse

Sahra Musse - Poster.jpg

Samia Anjum

Samia Anjum - Poster.jpg

Sanskar Muley

Sanskar Muley - Poster.jpg

Sara Nasir

Sara Nasir - Poster.jpg

Sara Vasiljevic

Sara Vasiljevic - Poster.jpg

Scarina Joseph

Scarina Joseph - Poster.jpg

Shermin Babayi Azar

Babayi Azar, Shermin

Shobhit Piasa

Shobhit Piasa - Poster

Shree Khandelwal

Shree Khandelwal.jpg

Soruban Vigneshwaran

Soruban Vigneshwaran - Poster.jpg

Suela Merkaj

Suela Merkaj - Poster

Sumayyah Hussaini

Sumayyah Hussaini - Poster

Svenja D’Acosta

Svenja D'Acosta - Poster.jpg

Sweety Amratlal

Sweety Amratlal - Poster.jpg

Tharani Thevarajah

Tharani Thevarajah - Poster.jpg