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Uncharted Territory

Maps are not neutral, and can be powerful political tools. Discover how the maps you use every day may not be quite what they seem, and learn methods of representing the world around you in new and surprising ways.

Workshop One: Do Maps Tell the Truth?

Starting with the hands-on example of peeling an orange, students will discover the difficulties posed by attempting to represent a round earth on a flat surface, and with the aid of a set of inflatable globes will discover what is wrong with so many of the maps we have been using for centuries.

Workshop Two: The Power of Maps

Students will examine how maps can be used (and misused) in political campaigns and propaganda, before looking at how various mapping techniques can be used in creative ways to help us see the world differently. The workshop will end with an interactive look at the practice of ‘counter-mapping’, with students making their own maps using the techniques they’ve encountered. 


Class Creator – Alexander Manby
(PhD Student in Geography)

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