Skills Sessions: Interviews

Skills Sessions: Interviews

Welcome to your first skills session as a Year 13 Inspire Member! This session is focused on Interviews and has been created not only to support students who are preparing for their Oxbridge and subject specific interviews, but also to develop your critical thinking skills in a way that you can apply to study at higher education and beyond!

This Interview workshop provides information on what to expect from an Oxford Interview and how you can prepare. Watch the video below.

Advice From Our Students:

Now that you have watched our Interview Workshop, it’s time to hear from those who have been through the process! Watch as students at St John’s College provide their own Oxford interview advice!

Resources from The Central University:

The central University has also created a short podcast, explaining the Oxford Interviews for you to listen to! Listen to the podcast by clicking the play button below.

Subject Specific Interview Advice:

If you are interested in subject specific advice and guidance on what to expect from your interview, the University of Oxford have created some excellent resources to help you know what to expect. If you cannot see your subject posted below, you may wish to have a look at a similar subject, to get

an idea of what to expect. If your subject doesn’t have a taster video, don’t panic! Our workshop will help you to prepare yourself, ahead of your interview.

Click each of the black bars below to view the Interview Video

Biology – Tier 1 Technology
Biomedical Sciences – Tier 1 Technology
Chemistry – Tier 3 Technology
Computer Science – Tier 3 Technology
Earth Sciences – Tier 3 Technology
Engineering – Tier 3 Technology
English – Tier 1 Technology
History – Tier 1 Technology
History of Art – Tier 1 Technology
Law – Tier 1 Technology
Materials Science – Tier 1 Technology
Mathematics – Tier 3 Technology
Modern Languages – Tier 1 Technology
Physics – Tier 3 Technology
Physics – Tier 3 Technology
Theology and Religion – Tier 1 Technology

The following interview resources were filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic when Interviews were in-person. The content is still helpful, but be aware these interviews will be online in 2022 and so some of the content may not be relevant.

Click each of the black bars below to access each video.


Finally, best of luck with your interview! Remember to try to relax and enjoy what is essentially an academic chat with people who love your subject as much as you do!