Inspire Summer Schools – Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been put together so that all participants in the Inspire Summer Schools at St John’s College understand the expected standards of behaviour during the Summer School, and to ensure that all attendees get the most out of their experience. All participants will be expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct at all times during the Summer School regardless of age or year group, and anybody found to be in breach will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include being asked to return home immediately. If you are found to be engaging in illegal behaviour, the police and/or other relevant authorities will be informed, and you will not be permitted to continue with the Summer School.

  • All students and staff involved in the Summer School should be treated with fairness and respect. Bullying, harassment and abuse will not be tolerated, and anybody found to be engaged in bullying, harassing or abusive behaviour, whether in-person or online, will be asked to leave the Summer School immediately. This includes but is not limited to making derogatory comments about another person’s appearance, race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, religion, or disability; and any form of physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse, or unwanted contact.

  • You must not under any circumstances bring any alcohol or illegal substances to the Summer School. Anyone found in the possession of, or under the influence of, alcohol or any illegal substance will be returned home immediately.

  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited at all times during the Summer School.

  • You will have your own room for the duration of the Summer School. You are not permitted enter another person’s room at any point during the Summer School. If you would like to meet up with other Summer School participants, staff or students, you should do so in communal spaces in the college, for instance the gardens, hall, or common rooms.

  • You must not leave the college site at any point during the Summer School without permission from a member of staff, except during organised off-site activities featured on the Summer School programme.

  • There will be a nightly curfew at a time set by the Summer School staff, after which time you must remain in your own room. You should not leave your room after the curfew under any circumstances, except in the case of a fire alarm or other emergency.

  • You may not bring any guests, including friends and family members, into the college at any point during the Summer School.

  • You should keep your room, and all communal spaces in the college, clean and in good order for the duration of your stay. Please leave all rooms as you find them. Rooms that are vacated and left in a damaged state requiring additional staff time and effort to return them to good order will incur charges.

  • Chewing gum is not permitted in college or in any other venues used during the Summer School.

  • You may bring mobile phones and cameras with you, but you must not use them in any way that might offend. You must not take or post photographs or videos of others without their permission.