About the Oxford University Careers Service

What is the Careers Service?

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently from the moment we can talk is ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ The Oxford University Careers Service is here to help answer that question with an informed understanding of your options, the best routes for you, and how to achieve your full potential. With tailored support and an in-depth analysis of your skillset, the help provided by the Careers Service is specific to each individual, helping to reflect and encourage the diversity seen in both the jobs market and the student body. To gain a deeper understanding of the Careers Service and how it works, explore the useful guide linked below.

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You may have heard about CVs, or even written one yourself, but don’t worry if not. The Careers Service has a page dedicated to explaining the importance of CVs along with top tips on how to write them. Once you have read the CV page on the Careers Service website linked below, then try this quiz to test your understanding. When you feel comfortable, have a go at writing your own!

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Developing Skills

Understanding how to write your CV is very important, but you must also have content to fill it! In this section we consider how to develop your employability skills so that you are as impressive to employers as possible. By clicking on the link below, you can explore the eight key skills which employers are looking for, along with short-term, medium-term and long-term commitments you can make to improve them. Once you have read through the page, have a look at the activity page below it to assess your current skillset, and then plan how you are going to improve it!

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Future Plans

There are many degrees you could potentially study, some with obvious career paths and others less so. However, no matter what you study, there is a wide range of jobs available to you, as shown by the Careers Service YouTube series. The series demonstrates the variety of careers students move on to after studying often seemingly unrelated degrees – check out the videos below to explore some of the potential routes open to you!

From Biochemistry at Oxford to a career in pharmaceutical business development
From PPE at Oxford to a career in journalism
From Modern Languages at Oxford to a career in marketing and brand strategy

Share with us!

We would love to see any examples of work that you do during your Inspire Summer School. This can be a photo of something you have made, a picture you have drawn, some written work (e.g. the start of a speech, or the answer to a question we asked), or some thoughts you have about what you have learnt! Submit your work to us through this form.

All pupils who share their work with us by August 31 2021 will receive a certificate of participation in the summer school and will be entered into a prize draw! A £10 Amazon voucher will be awarded to each winning entry, selected randomly from all submissions. If you give us permission, your entry may be shared on Inspire Digital and our social media alongside your first name.