STEM Daily Activity: Thursday

Throughout this week, we will be running daily competitions: every morning at 10am, we will upload that day’s activity, and anyone who sends in their answer before 9am the following day will be entered into a prize draw, with prizes awarded next week. Solutions to the puzzles will also be uploaded by 10am the following day so you can check your work.

Thursday: 6 August

SIR model and the reproductive number R0

In the disease modelling lecture we discussed the basic reproductive number R0 in the context of an epidemic and derived its formula as:

"SIR model and the reproductive number R0" equation
  1. How can we reduce the value of R0?
  2. If we take R0 = 3 as was originally estimated for the initial spread of COVID-19, and assume that the entire population is initially susceptible, what values could r and a take?
  3. Using the values you calculated in Q2, plot the appropriate graphs at and use them to answer the following questions:
    1. What is the maximum % of the population that is infected at any one time?
    2. What happens to the graphs if you increase the value of the transmission rate r? What happens if you decrease the value of r?
    3. What happens to the graphs if you increase the value of the recovery rate a? What happens if you decrease the value of a?
    4. What happens to the graphs when you increase the ‘incubation time’ (bottom slider) to a value above zero? What do you think this represents?

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