Post-GCSE Study Skills

An introduction to study skills Post-GCSE!

Welcome to the St John’s Post-GCSE Study Skills Session. Post-GCSE can be quite challenging, because there many new obstacles which you may face. For example, you may find you have a higher workload and a greater focus on independent study. This session is designed to help you develop your skills so that you can overcome these challenges, all while learning how to study with maximum effectiveness. You will have a chance to reflect on the learning style that suits you best, and how you can tailor your learning to work with that style.

In order to make the most of this session, you will need to download the Post-GCSE activity pack below, and either print it off or have it ready to edit on your computer. You’ll also need some pens, pencils and paper, and internet access so that you can look up a few websites while completing the activities.

Play through this video, pausing to complete activities and fill in the Activity pack as you go.

View the Post-GCSE Study Skills session in the video above