UK Parliament for Year 9: Day 2

UK Parliament, Day 2

Yesterday we learned the basics of how Parliament works, and had the opportunity to practice flexing our debating muscles. Today, you’ll be able to put your learning to the test with some interactive online games put together by the UK Parliament outreach team!

Vote results

You can see below how everyone else voted on yesterday’s questions. Are you surprised by any of the results? Did you vote against the majority? If you voted differently from your friends, compare your soundbites and see if you can convince anyone to change their mind.

Online games from the UK Parliament

Choose one of the two activities below to complete for today’s session (each activity will take you 1-1.5 hours to complete). If you have extra time you can try both!

MP for a week

Survive a week in politics and keep your party, your voters and the media happy in this online game!

First mass petition: Votes for women

This interactive resource follows the women’s suffrage campaign through video, audio and quizzes. We recommend completing the London worksheet at the end – you’ll be able to relate the campaign to specific local history!

Stay up to date with Parliament!

UK Parliament

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House of Lords

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