Competition 3.1 Results: Eruptions & transformations

Volcanoes, plate tectonics and Roman gods – not necessarily your standard subjects for poems or songs… Dr Jennifer Oliver introduced our Year 11 course to arts, literature and music inspired by volcanoes in her excellent article here. We then challenged pupils enrolled on the course to send us their own creative take on volcanoes, be it in the form of poetry, short story, music or another art form.

We are truly blown away by the fantastic entries we received for this competition! You can explore the winning entries below, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who shared their art with us and with the rest of the course this time around!

Competition 3.1: Eruptions and transformations

Write a poem or short story using volcanic themes for inspiration. Try your hand at a sonnet (look at the ‘rules’ about structure and rhyme schemes here), a haiku, or make up your own form (see Brian Bilston for inspiration: could you write a poem in the shape of a volcano?) You may even want to turn your poem into a song.

Your submission should showcase your creative process and can be in the form of written text, audio, video or visual art.

1st place: Sophia P, “Revision explosion”

Vectors, verse, volts, verbs,
Pressure building, building - BANG!
Answers flow freely.
"Revision explosion" poem & poster by Sophia P, Competition 3.1 Winner

2nd place: Nicholas N, “The volcano”

"The volcano" poem by Nicholas N, Competition 3.1 Winner


Ziyu J, “Divine Pomp”

Netanya A, “The Dance of the Flightless Doves” (background information to the composition)

James B, “Memoirs of a Volcano”

Aarzo P, “I am”

Anya B, “Our Volcanic Wrath”

Phebe E.

Abigail H, “Solus Vesuvius”

Jessie D, “A vision of hell”

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