Competition 3.2 Results: Reading the runes

St John’s French Lecturer Marie Elven set our Year 11 course a tricky rune-decoding task as part of Class 3: Explosive Creativity: after analysing some Icelandic runes in Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth, pupils were challenged to decode a new passage using what they had learned about the runes.

Read on to check your work, and to see how other pupils enrolled on the course puzzled it out! Some of you even managed to identify the source material…

Competition 3.2: Reading the runes

Using what you have learned about Jules Verne’s version of the Icelandic runes, what does the following text mean?

Beware: There are a few letters that do not fit exactly – see if you can decipher them!

Reading the runes competition text
Reading the runes competition text


The reticent volcano keeps
His never slumbering plan –
Confided are his projects pink
To no precarious man.

Emily Dickinson, “The reticent volcano keeps”

This is the first stanza of Emily Dickinson’s poem “The reticient volcano keeps.”

Congratulations to everyone who submitted the correct answer!

Myles F.

Florrie M.

Lina V.

Kitty P.

Netanya A.

Adriana A.

Mimi E.

Toby H.

Alex Y.

Miranda W.

Freddie P.

Look out for the winning entries to Competition 3.1, coming later this week!