Upcoming on the course

Class 2 will be released on Wednesday 2nd February 2022, and will be sent to you via email, as well as being available on Inspire Digital. The next class will cover many of the themes that we have looked at in this first class, such as Artificial Intelligence and notions of ‘progress’ in the ancient world, as well as a range of new ‘Visions of the Future’, with articles on topics such as:

  • Psychology: Artificial Intelligence & Learning
  • Classics & Ancient History: Ancient Notions of Progress
  • Medicine: CRISPR-Cas Gene-Editing
  • History of Art: Pop Art
  • Zoology: Technology and Conservation

Also remember to submit your responses to this month’s challenges, or examples of any work you’d like to share in response to this month’s articles, to be in with a chance of winning an Amazon gift voucher! Entries received by 2nd February will be entered into the prize draw for this month.