Meet our access and outreach team

At St John’s, the Access and Outreach team liaise with schools and colleges in our linked regions to provide students, parents, carers, and teachers with accurate information about applying to, and studying at, the University of Oxford. We coordinate and deliver outreach events at St John’s, including Study Days and school visits which allow potential applicants to gain experience of university and understand the admissions process. The Access and Outreach team are a point of contact for prospective students and their schools, as well as, current students and staff who wish to support access work at St John’s.

You can meet the team here, or meet some of our tutors and the brilliant students they work with.

Dr Sandra Campbell

Dr Sandra Campbell, Fellow for Admissions and Access

Fellow for Admissions and Access and Supernumerary Fellow in Physiology

I have greatly enjoyed working in higher education for the last 20 years. In my current position as Supernumerary Fellow and Tutor in Physiology for St John’s, I have am involved in many aspects of College life including those that relate to the students directly (teaching, welfare, discipline, presidential collections, admissions, schools liaison), and those that contribute to the effective running of the college (various committees, interviewing for JRF, alumni interactions admissions, and as Dean for Degrees). I am currently the lead tutor in Biomedical sciences, and I have a substantial role as a Medical tutor. I also contribute to the teaching of the Experimental Psychology students.

Matt Garraghan

Matt Garraghan, Inspire Project Lead
Matt Garraghan, Inspire Project Lead

Project Lead for Pre-GCSE Inspire Programme

I am responsible for management of the various strands of the Inspire Programme in the boroughs of Ealing and Harrow. Originally from the North East of England, I have an undergraduate degree in History and a Master’s degree in US History from University College, Oxford, and have a number of years’ experience in the field of widening access to higher education. I have previously worked on a number of access projects with Pembroke College, Oxford, and more recently have been involved in the development and implementation of Oxford’s regional outreach policy, with a particular focus on areas of social, economic and educational disadvantage in the North East and North West of England.

Dr Ana Wallis

Dr Ana Wallis, Project Lead for Post-GCSE Inspire Programme

Project Lead for Post-GCSE Inspire Programme

My role is managing the Post-GCSE Inspire Programme. This includes our Year 12 Inspire ProgrammeStudy Days and Subject Exploration Days. After attending the University of Nottingham for my undergraduate degree in Genetics, I moved to Oxford to study my DPhil (PhD), examining how our genetic material (DNA) is copied when a cell divides. During my DPhil I designed and delivered science outreach materials. I greatly enjoyed this outreach experience, and afterwards went on to work at St John’s College, Oxford and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History creating STEM outreach programmes for families and pupils.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones, Undergraduate Admissions Officer

Undergraduate Admissions Officer

I am the contact for individual application enquiries, interviews and Open Days. In addition to managing the undergraduate admissions process, I also provide tours of St John’s and coordinate the college’s participation in Open Days.

Richard Waters

Richard Waters, Access Lead

Access Lead

It’s my responsibility to manage, develop and expand the College’s Outreach programme. St John’s has recently partnered with St Hilda’s, St Hugh’s and Somerville to form the Oxford for South East Consortium. I’ll be working with these partners to form a new programme of outreach that raises attainment and ambition amongst underrepresented students across the region. 

Eleanor Baker

Eleanor Baker, Post-GCSE Inspire Programme Project Support Officer

Project Coordinator for the Pre-GCSE Inspire Programme

I am the coordinator for the Pre-GCSE Inspire Programme, which offers pupils in years 9 to 11 the chance to further explore the subjects which interest them, and provides advice for their future study plans. I am originally from East Sussex, and have recently completed a DPhil (PhD) in late medieval English literature here at St John’s College. I have continually worked on outreach and access projects throughout my education, and am delighted to be working with the excellent access team at St John’s.

Dr Ken Amor

STEM Associate

Dr Ken Amor, STEM Associate

My focus is providing content for STEM projects in the Inspire program at St. John’s College and supporting the College’s Outreach activities. Previous experience includes delivering sessions to teachers and prospective students, and running activities for the UNIQ Summer school on behalf of the central University’s Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach office, Colleges, and science departments.

Ana Alanis Amaya

Project Support Officer for Pre-GCSE Inspire Programme

I support the Pre-GCSE Project Lead in co-ordinating the administration of the Inspire Programme, as well as running the access team’s social media and managing the Inspire website.

Thomas Lockyer

Digital Engagement Officer

Thomas Lockyer,
Digital Engagement Officer

Hi, I’m Thomas and I’m the Digital Engagement Officer within the Access & Outreach team. This means I spent a lot of my time video editing, producing various clips for Inspire Programme projects. I have enjoyed interviewing various college alumni, creating career focused resources for the St John’s Summer School. I have also helped produce interview previews, promoting this content across the Access social media accounts. 

Moving forward, I will be looking to raise the profile of university ‘Student life’, collaborating with the Senior Tutor and Communications Office to share greater elements of college life. We will also be collaborating to produce an interactive 3D college model and virtual escape room, both of which will integrate academic content with the college’s unique history and character.

I have enjoyed working with the team so far and I am looking forward to starting these exciting new projects. 

External Evaluation

Marianne Talbot

External Evaluator for the Pre-GCSE Inspire Programme

Marianne Talbot, External Evaluator

My name is Marianne Talbot and I’m a freelance education consultant, with a BSc in Geology and an MA in Creative Writing, and many years’ experience in developing and evaluating qualifications and outreach activities. I have worked for awarding organisations, government departments, regulators, universities, and professional bodies, in the UK and internationally. I also lead professional development courses for the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors, of which I am a Fellow, based at the University of Hertfordshire.

At St John’s, I will be evaluating the Inspire Pre-GCSE Programme, using a range of methodologies including online surveys, telephone interviews and observation in the schools at their Aspiration Days, reporting on how successful the programme is at meeting its aims. I am excited to be part of this innovative initiative.

I live in Leamington Spa with my husband, teenage daughter, and a ginger cat called Arlo, who thinks it is HIS house, of course.