Competition S5: winning entries

Thank you very much to everyone who submitted an entry to Competition S5, based on Dr Ken Amor’s lecture on ‘Energy Transition to a Post Carbon World’. Below you can read the winning entry, as selected by our team of markers.

The challenge:

One proposal to reduce the variable electricity demand on the national grid is to make better use of local electricity generation and storage, and automated control systems that run domestic appliances e.g. using a washing machine at off peak (electricity) times.

Design a house for the future that uses alternative energy generation and storage systems.

You should consider:

  • Multiple methods of alternative energy generation for both heat and electricity.
  • Multiple methods of energy storage e.g. heat, chemical energy etc.
  • Computerised and automated control systems, e.g. motion sensors to switch off lights etc.

Your answer should be in the format of an illustrated diagram or picture.

Kuba’s winning entry