Mathematical Modelling in Sport: Competition Results

Following the pair of Pre-GCSE Inspire talks delivered by Dr Tom Crawford on Mathematical Modelling in Sport – ‘How to take the perfect penalty’ and ‘Maths and the Marathon’ – we’re delighted to announce the winners of the two competitions following these classes!

Both competitions were about how we can use Maths to help make predictions in the world of sport. For the first competition, the challenge was to use the calculations and geometry discussed in the class to determine which team will win a penalty shoot-out; whilst for the second, participants were asked to use lines of best fit to predict when the world record for the women’s 100m might next be broken. You can view our solutions to both challenges here: Penalties and World Records.

All entrants who correctly worked out the answers were entered into a random prize draw for each competition. Winners will be contacted by email with their prizes – congratulations to all of you!

Congratulations to all prize-winners for these two competitions:

  • Abdlawel
  • Aisha
  • Georgia
  • Imana
  • Jalil
  • Marina
  • Moez
  • Rosie
  • Sabirah