Competition 2.6 Results 2021

Thank you very much to everyone who submitted an entry to Competition 6: Carolingian Minuscule! We really enjoyed looking through some of the very creative responses to deciphering this very old text – here you can see some of the winning entries, as selected by the St John’s College Librarian, Dr Petra Hoffman, who wrote this class’s article on the evolution of the book.

1st place (Year 10): Caitlin D. & Jessica T.

Caitlin’s winning entry

Jessica’s winning entry

1st place (Year 11): Victoria K.

Victoria’s winning entry

2nd place (Year 10)

Angelina D.

Luca S.

2nd place (Year 11)

Alison C.

Emma F.

Finalist (Year 10)

Lili S.*

*Congratulations also to Lili who was awarded a Special Recognition Prize for their artistic engagement with the task, which really impressed us!

Finalists (Year 11)

Usha B.

Alessandro G.

Amelia T.