St John’s Library opens virtually

The St John’s College Library team are working hard on a number of exciting projects to make the fascinating items in the St John’s collections available during the current lockdown. In addition to a virtual Trinity Term exhibition on all things royal, our Library team have put together a series of activities that allow you to engage with the St John’s collections in new and exciting ways…


Can you see if a text is printed or handwritten? Do you recognise languages even if you can’t read them? Can you distinguish between paper and parchment from a mere photo? And do you know your palaeography and/or English history well enough to date St John’s treasures?

Every Wednesday around noon throughout Trinity Term 2020, a new quiz will be added to the Library’s blog. Click here to try the first few quizzes for yourself!

Librarians’ favourites

Every Monday over the course of Trinity Term, the Library staff will be taking you on a tour of some of their favourites among the Special Collections. First, the Deputy Librarian’s choice: an anonymous mock-heroic poem about an encounter between a knight and an amazon.


If you are after a relaxing, creative way to engage with the St John’s collections, this one is for you: our Library team have turned four images from our historic collections into colouring sheets for you to print out and fill in at home! Click here to download the colouring sheets, and to learn more about where the images come from.

Keep in touch!

The Library team are hard at work making the St John’s collections available to you wherever you are – make sure you keep an eye on the Library blog and follow the Library on Twitter so you don’t miss anything!