Years 10-13: The Oxford Scientist writing competition

Should we focus on fixing our planet or move to a new one?

If you have an answer to this question, The Oxford Scientist wants to hear it! Send them your thoughts as a 700-word essay and you’re in with a chance of having your piece published in The Oxford Scientist and winning a prize.

You can take your essay in any way you want… What are the problems we most need to fix? What are the best solutions currently available? Or do you have a new solution? Should we use the resources we have on Earth or look for better ones elsewhere? Do we need to answer this questions within a certain time frame? How can we work together to fix the planet and its problems?

This competition is open to all UK students in Years 10-13.

The deadline for essay submissions is Friday 24th January.

For more information on this competition, please go to The Oxford Scientist website or email

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