Year 11 Research Project Posters

On the second day of their Summer School at St John’s, our Year 11 participants had a day devoted to an audio-visual research project!

The aim of the day was to produce a poster and a video dealing with one of the questions below:

  1. What is the value of social media?
  2. Should cars be banned from the city centre?
  3. What is the best way of helping the homeless?

The participants were split into groups, within which some participants were responsible for the poster, aimed at Year 4 pupils, while others worked mainly on producing the 2-minute video, which was aimed at the general public. Members of each team worked together to utilise both the limited time and resources available to them, dividing responsibilities and sharing out the equipment – a basic camcorder, free video editing software, laptops, research packs, and stationery.

Each group produced some really informative and valuable content for their posters and videos, and we really enjoyed taking a look at them to find out more about each of the subjects. Congratulations to all of the Summer School participants for the hard work they put in and the teamwork they demonstrated!

Take a look at their posters below…

The winning poster! 

Y11 Group A (Winning Poster)

And the other brilliant posters created by our students…

266626682672Y11 Group D