Workshop 3: ‘Does Sport Have to be Competitive?’

Workshop 3: ‘Does Sport Have to be Competitive?’


Academic Articles:

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Ana Alanis Amaya, ‘Stronger Together: How can sport be used as a tool to empower refugees and displaces people?’ (Migration Studies)

Dr Eleanor Baker, ‘Harts, Hinds, and Hounds: Was medieval hunting a sport?’ (English Literature)

Luke Barnes, ‘Can sport help people suffering from depression?’ (BioMed)

Dr Matthew Nichols, ‘Death and Honour: Can Roman gladiators be seen as diplomats?’ (Classics)

Maxim Richards, ‘How does sport benefit the body?’ (BioMed)

Interview with Ana Alanis Amaya

Critical Thinking Skill Focus: Debate

  • What is a debate, and what makes a good debate?
  • What makes a good public speaker?
  • How do I write persuasively?

University Resources:

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Debating Society/ Oxford Union

Political societies at Oxford

How can I get involved with politics now?


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Migration studies challenge:

Imagine that you are a PE teacher two new students have arrived at your school as refugees. Design a 1-hour long PE lesson that would help them settle in to your school (what warm up activities would you do? What sport would you play and why? How would you help these new students make new friends in the lesson?)

Community sport challenge:

Imagine that you are the director of a UK bid to host the Olympics in your city or a city of your choice. You are putting together a pitch to win the bid, and need to convince other countries that your city is the best place to hold the Olympics. Make a power point, poster, or video of your pitch.

Medieval literature challenge:

Imagine that you are a scribe, and have been commissioned by a wealthy English aristocrat to illustrate their hunting prowess in a bespoke manuscript. Create either an image (this can be digital, or by hand) which depicts them taking part in a late medieval hunt, or write a poem describing their feats.

Forum Discussion: Is sport better when there is a competitive element?

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