Workshop 2: ‘How Has Sport Developed?

Workshop 2: ‘How Has Sport Developed?


Academic Articles:

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Alan Grafen, ‘Do animals play sport?

Carolyne Larrington, ‘What did Old Norse sport look like?’ (English Literature and Language)

Lucy Russell, ‘The Fairer Sport? Women’s Rugby’ (Politics and Sociology)

Luke Barnes, ‘Is doping in competitive sport cheating?’ (BioMed)

John Morris, ‘What do muscles do when we play sport?’ (Biology)


Interview with Grace Molloy

Critical Thinking Skill Focus: Research

  • What does it mean to do ‘research’?
  • How can I find reliable sources?
  • How do I take good notes?
  • How can I present my research?

University Resources:

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What is a University?

How did the University of Oxford happen?

What is so glamorous about GLAM institutes? (particular sports objects/ exhibitions etc)


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Biomed challenge:

Research a drug that has been used to enhance performance in sport. Draw a diagram(s) and annotate it to explain how the drug impacts the human body.

History challenge:

Research a sport that was played over 100 years ago, but is not played any more (this can be from any culture). Make a poster as if you were going to recruit a team to play this sport today. This could include: the rules of the game, why it is fun to play, its history etc.

Forum Discussion: Has sport developed for the better in the last 100 years?

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