Super-curricular Material

Here you can find a list of super-curricular materials and activities. To delve deeper into your favourite subjects, why not try:

Oxford resources

Tom Rocks Maths What's the best way to win at Monopoly?_CROP
Maths, but not as you know it… The award-winning maths outreach programme developed and run by St John’s Maths Tutor Dr Tom Crawford. Featuring puzzles, videos, podcasts and articles that show maths can be fun!

Oxplore oxplore-logo-fb

Oxplore is an innovative new digital outreach portal from the University of Oxford. As the ‘Home of Big Questions’ it aims to engage those from 11 to 18 years with debates and ideas that go beyond what is covered in the school classroom. Big questions tackle complex ideas across a wide range of subjects and draw on the latest research undertaken at Oxford. Oxplore aims to raise aspirations, promote broad thinking and stimulate intellectual curiosity.

Staircase 12 staircase12

Welcome to Staircase12, University College Oxford’s online hub of resources for students aiming thinking about applying to top universities

Oxford Pathways 04-introduction-bod

The Pathways Programme is an initiative coordinated by the Colleges of the University of Oxford. The programme aims to provide information and advice for students considering an application to the University of Oxford.

Oxford Sparks oxfordaprks

Here at the University of Oxford there is a huge amount of fascinating and important research going on. Oxford Sparks aims to share our amazing science with everyone, support teachers to enrich their science lessons and support our researchers to get their stories out there.

Oxford Podcasts (iTunesU)

Oxford Science Blog

Oxford Arts Blog

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Other resources

Isaac Physics isaac-logo-strap

Isaac Physics a project designed to offer support and activities in physics problem solving to teachers and students from GCSE level through to university.

BBC Bitesize41vy0reGZAL

Use BBC Bitesize to help with your homework, revision and learning. Find free videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes by level and subject.

Naked Scientists The_Naked_Scientists,_logo

The Naked Scientists, online, internet science radio show and podcast. Science articles, online science discussion forum, interviews with famous scientists…

Things we don’t know TWDKsquare

Discover the questions scientists are trying to answer.


TED Talks

My HE+

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