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Moving to University



Have a look at the Freshers: Adjusting to University Life resources. Again, pick and choose what feels right for you to listen to or read and come back to the resources at any time which works for you.

I am very happy to welcome you to St John’s. As Senior Tutor I have overall responsibility for teaching and learning in the College. Your tutors and I are looking forward to introducing you to studying your chosen subject here. I’ll see you in person in Welcome Week. Inevitably there will be a lot of information to absorb, and you will find the start of term and the beginning of your academic studies a busy time, but you are always welcome to ask questions. I was a student at St John’s myself, and remember how it felt to arrive at College for the first time, and also how soon it came to feel like home. We are looking forward to your joining our academic community. See you in October!

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