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Today, our featured career is ‘Psychologist’. Psychology as an academic subject is the study of the human mind and human behaviour. The brain remains one of the most mysterious and least understood parts of the human body, but understanding how we think and what can go wrong is crucial to solving many problems. Psychologists use their understanding of the brain to treat mental health conditions, to improve education, to help solve crimes and reduce criminality, to understand how we react to marketing, and much more. This means that a psychologist can work in a range of settings. Clinical psychologists work in healthcare in hospitals or primary care centres, whereas research psychologists might work in universities, forensic psychologists in the police, and marketing psychologists for private businesses.

Dr Reena Vohora

Current Role: Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology BSc, University of Leicester

Brief Biography: Having studied psychology at the University of Leicester, Dr Reena Vohora then trained in chartered clinical psychology. An advocate of building diverse experience, she worked at a memory clinic and stroke inpatient ward prior to pursuing clinical training. Now a chartered clinical psychologist, Dr Reena Vohora holds several positions, demonstrating the flexibility available to qualified NHS staff. Alongside running her own private practice, Dr Reena Vohora tutors on the University of Oxford doctoral clinical psychology course. Here she mentors aspiring clinical psychologists, sharing her expertise in clinical skills, professional practice and cognitive impairment.

Aika Hui

Current Role: Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Undergraduate Degree: Psychological & Behavioural Sciences BA, University of Cambridge

Brief Biography: A psychological & behavioural sciences graduate from Cambridge University, Aika Hui is currently training to become a clinical psychologist. Now studying at the University of Oxford, her time is divided between placements, lectures and doctorate research. On placement she is exposed to various NHS services, working with diverse patient demographics while developing essential clinical skills. Furthermore, as part of the lecture component of her training Aika Hui collaborates with top academics and clinicians, learning about exciting new research and treatment plans. This informs the research aspect of her doctorate, providing an effective understanding of both clinical and research nuances.

In the video below Dr Reena Vohora and Aika Hui introduce themselves and their work as clinical psychologists:

The Human Brain

As a psychologist, your job is to understand how the brain contributes to someone’s personality and behaviour. To do this best, you need to have a strong grasp of the distinct functions of different parts of the brain. In today’s activities you will learn about the peculiar pseudoscientific origins of the study of the human brain and how scientists today study and understand its parts.

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