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Black Holes: Looking Into The Void

Using a combination of Maths, Physics and Engineering, explore the science of black holes, how we observe them, and what happens when they collide – plus get hands-on creating your own replica laser experiment.

Workshop One: Imaging A Black Hole

In this workshop, students will use various mathematical methods to construct scale models of the Solar System, before being introduced to one of the most mysterious objects known to science: black holes. Through a series of practical exercise, students will discover how black holes can be observed, despite emitting no light whatsoever.

Workshop Two: When Black Holes Collide

Building on what they have learnt in the first workshop, students will probe the boundaries of cutting-edge science by learning about gravitational waves, before recreating their own miniature replica of a ground-breaking experiment which is used to detect what happens when two black holes collide.


Class Creator – Dr Ana Wallis
(PhD in Biochemistry)

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