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There Is No Planet B: Climate Change and How We Can Solve It

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues that the world faces, but how much do we know about why the climate is changing – and what can be done about it? In these sessions, you’ll unpack some of the science behind our climate, potential solutions to the crisis, and learn just how much goes into producing a humble tin of baked beans!

Workshop One: Why Does Climate Change?

In this first workshop, students will encounter some of the reasons why climate changes and learn about geological timescales with the aid of a very, very long piece of string. They will then use the example of a simple tin of baked beans, to discover just how complicated and carbon intensive it can be to get even the most everyday objects to our supermarket shelves and into our kitchens.

Workshop Two: Solutions

In the second of these workshops, student will begin to look at some of the solutions to the climate crisis, from the cheap and simple to the enormously expensive and complex, weighing up the pros and cons of different approaches and making the case to their classmates for their chosen set of solutions.


Class Creator – Dr Ken Amor
(PhD in Earth Sciences)

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