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The Truth of It: World Religions and the Nature of Belief

Explore and debate different approaches to religious inclusivism, exclusivism and pluralism, through the prism of different religions, and varieties of religious belief, from across the world.

Workshop One: World Religions

Looking in depth at five major world religions, students will examine different approaches to religious belief, culminating in a class discussion in which students assume the respective roles of a religious exclusivist, inclusivist, and pluralist.

Workshop Two: Religious Belief & Plurality

In this second session, students will look in greater depth at the nature of religious beliefs, and the reasons why different people hold different beliefs. The session ends with a group discussion on the question: “‘If I had been born in a different time and place, I would likely have held a different religion.’ Does this make it irrational for me to hold the religion I do?”


Class Creator – Danielle Green
(BA Philosophy and French)

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