The Plastics Problem: Science and Sustainability- Inspire Club Classes

The Plastics Problem: Science and Sustainability

In modern society, we encounter plastics countless times every single day. With the aid of plasticine and cocktail sticks, build your own models of plastic molecules, learn why plastics have the properties they do – and why they have such a huge impact on our environment.

Workshop One: What’s in a Plastic?

Students will learn about the properties of plastics, from the macro to the molecular level, before getting hands-on with plasticine and cocktail sticks to construct their own molecules and discover why it is that plastics are such useful materials for use in modern life.

Workshop Two: Plastics and Our Environment

Having learnt about how and why plastics are so useful, this second session looks at the downsides of plastic’s permanence in today’s society, culminating in a group role-play debate about the merits or otherwise of single-use plastics in schools.


Class Creator – Jennifer Redmond (PhD candidate in Chemistry)