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The Apprentice: Product and Building Design

In these practical workshops, learn about what goes into the design of a new product and bringing it to market before using simple materials like lollipop sticks, card, and Sellotape to build your own prototype product models.

Workshop One: Product Design

Students will start by being given a design brief, and will be taken through every stage of product design and development, before they build their own prototype cake-stands – and compete against one another to make the best model!

Workshop Two: Building Considerately

Students will learn about another key aspect of modern design: the blueprint. Using a design specification, they will work in groups to create their own blueprints for a modern building, before negotiating what building materials they should use within their given budget, carefully balancing the competing considerations of cost, durability, aesthetics and environmental friendliness.


Class Creator – Dr Ana Wallis
(PhD in Biochemistry)

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