Study skills For New Undergraduates

An introduction to study skills at University!

Welcome to the St John’s Incoming Undergraduates Study Skills Session. As an Oxford student, you have many great opportunities ahead, but studying here can also be very challenging. The Oxford workload can be quite high, and you’ll have to produce work of an academically rigorous standard. This session is designed to build on your skills, so that you can effectively manage the challenges you face here while making the most of your time at Oxford. You will have a chance to reflect on the learning style that suits you best, and how you can tailor your learning to work with that style.

In order to make the most of this session, you will need to download the activity pack below, and either print it off or have it ready to edit on your computer. You’ll also need some pens, pencils and paper, and internet access so that you can look up a few websites while completing the activities.

Incoming Undergraduates Study Skills video

Tutorials at Oxford

Learn about the Oxford tutorial system from these videos provided by tutors at St John’s…

Dr Sandra Campbell, Supernumerary Fellow in Physiology

Tutorial video – Dr Sandra Campbell

Dr Ian Klinke, Tutorial Fellow in Human Geography

Tutorial video – Dr Ian Klinke

Time Management:

Watch the video below from Causeway Education as they provide their top time management and organisation tips!

Further Information:

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Further online study skills resources

There are lots of resources available to you to help you develop your study skills before you begin your course at Oxford.

Study skills and training: Here you can find advice from the central University on academic good practice including avoiding plagiarism, managing your time, reading, note taking, referencing and revision.

Oxford Study Skills Centre: The OSSC supports students in developing effective approaches to learning, academic essay writing strategies, and general study skills.

MPLS Online Bridging Programme: The Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences Division offers a ‘bridging’ programme for new undergraduate students in the physical sciences to help you make the transition from studying at school to studying at Oxford. 

Study Skills at the Department for Continuing Education: The Department for Continuing Education provides a series of workshops, courses and online guides to help you develop your study skills.

Starting at Oxford

Starting a course at Oxford can be very daunting, but there are many resources out there to help you succeed! Here are some useful guides from across the University that you might want to check out:

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