Visions of the Future
Class 3

Wednesday 2nd March, 2022

This programme examines some of the key areas in which our world is changing in the 21st century, and the implications this has for our lives and our societies, as well as exploring how people have responded throughout history to periods of great change – culturally, politically, philosophically, socially.

In this third class, we will continue our exploration of artificial intelligence, both in the context of its uses in the medical profession, and in the context of one of the core philosophical questions that AI raises: what, exactly, does it mean to be a person? We’ll also learn about two developments which have the potential to revolutionise modern science: quantum computing, and nanotechnology. We will also be turning to geography to examine the question of how technology has affected the way we see and represent the world, before returning once again to the ancient world, and a surprising relationship the Ancient Greeks’ scientific knowledge and their political development.

How to approach this Class

It is completely up to you how you approach the contents of this class – you may want to look at each article in sequence, or browse through those which interest you most. You can work your way through the material in your own time, and fit it around your schoolwork and other commitments. Each article also comes with links to further reading, videos, podcasts, and more, so you can explore in greater depth the topics that interest you most.

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