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Year 11 Inspire Programme

This is the online home of our Year 11 Inspire Programme, an online course focusing on one central question each year which is approached from a variety of subject viewpoints. Each class includes articles, quizzes, games and competitions. Following the online classes, pupils on the course will be able to apply to attend a summer school at St John’s College.

Summer Schools Portal

Click here to explore past years’ Summer School programmes, from photo galleries and sample timetables to the excellent work produced by attending students.


In this section we have gathered some resources for you to make use of as you navigate your Inspire journey. You will find resources about applying to Oxford, as well as super-curricular material that will help you delve deeper into your favourite subjects.


If you’ve come here for a challenge, try your hand at some practice questions set by St John’s subject tutors and secondary school teachers… Send your solutions to and be sure to check back when the solutions are posted online.