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Social Justice: Can We Build A Better World?

What is fair? Do we have a duty to end poverty? What are our responsibilities to one another in modern societies? These are just some of the questions that students will grapple with in this pair of workshops on the thorny issues of global justice and poverty.

Workshop One: Global Justice

Students will be introduced to key philosophical questions about equality and fairness, and learn about different approaches to these questions. Through discussion and debate, they will then be called upon to consider some of the thorniest ethical issues facing the international community today.

Workshop Two: Poverty

In this second workshop, students will look specifically at the issue of poverty, by examining some of the causes of poverty, and the differences between countries globally. The session culminates in a class debate on the question: “Do we have a moral duty to end poverty?”


Class Creators – Ed Penn (BA Politics, Psychology, and Sociology) and Matthew Garraghan (MA History)

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