Show and Tell: Verbal and Non-Verbal Storytelling Inspire Club Classes

Show and Tell: Verbal and Non-Verbal Storytelling

In this interactive workshop, explore the different ways that people across times and cultures have told stories, both verbally and non-verbally, before creating and performing your very own stories using the techniques you’ve learnt.

Workshop One: Verbal Storytelling

Starting with an interactive word game, students will create their own stories, and consider the role of stories in their everyday lives. They will then look at the role of verbal storytelling throughout history, from the Old English epic poem Beowulf through to the work of modern poets such as Patience Agbabi.

Workshop Two: Non-Verbal Storytelling

Storytelling does not have to be verbal, and in this second workshop students will be encouraged to reconsider how the stories they told in the first session might be told without words, before delving into the world of physical theatre and constructing their own narratives using scenario cards and freeze-frames.


Class Creator – Dr Hannah Greenstreet
(PhD in Theatre and Performance)

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