Teachers’ Inspire Programme

The St John’s Inspire Teachers’ Programme is a series of events, visits, workshops and online contact specifically for teachers from non-selective state schools in Ealing and Harrow. The programme complements the Inspire programme that we run specifically for pupils (https://www.sjc.ox.ac.uk/study/working-schools/-inspire/).

The Programme for Teachers and Educational Professionals will run parallel to, yet separately from, the Year 12 Twilight Sessions throughout 2018-19. Sessions will take place in schools and sixth form colleges in Ealing and Harrow and include 45-minute academic taster talks by scholars from Oxford, followed by 45 minutes of expert guidance on how to best help you, as teachers, to support your brightest pupils in making well-founded applications to highly-selective universities like Oxford.

The programme also includes the opportunity to attend a residential Teachers’ Summer School at St John’s College, Oxford. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience academic taster sessions from leading specialists at the University
  • Visit academic faculty buildings and departments
  • Benefit from the extensive research resources with a temporary Bodleian library card
  • Attend university application workshops delivered by education consultants

Participants will also have the chance to meet tutors at the University, engage in cultural enrichment activities and attend formal dinners in college.

The summer residential is designed specifically to provide an insight into life as a student at the College and University, and to provide teachers and pupils with the information, advice and guidance they need to best support their academically gifted pupils in making informed future choices. Furthermore, the summer residential also provides the opportunity for teachers to carry out their own work; to develop their own resources, to conduct research into provision for high achieving students and to use the University resources to supplement their own professional knowledge.

Why should I get involved?

The programme is open to teachers and educational professionals working in non-selective state schools and sixth-form colleges in the London Boroughs of Ealing and Harrow. It’s a chance to:

  • Find out what the University of Oxford has to offer
  • Meet college tutors and the Access & Admissions team
  • Attend academic taster sessions in a range of subjects
  • Receive up-to-date accurate advice on supporting your brightest pupils
  • Enhance your professional development
  • Receive updates on cutting-edge research that is currently being conducted at the University of Oxford
  • Develop ‘stretch and challenge’ resources for academically gifted pupils

All events and resources are free to qualifying participants.

Where can I find out more and apply?

You can find out more about the Inspire Programme on our website. To apply for a place on the St John’s Inspire Programme, please register your interest by getting in touch with us at inspire@sjc.ox.ac.uk. All applications will be considered and we will make every effort to ensure that all applicants have the opportunity to participate.

Provisional dates for Twilight Sessions and Residential Summer School 2018-19:

  • Session 1: Super-curricular activities – 13 November (Harrow), 14 November (Ealing)
  • Session 2: Choosing university courses – 15 January (Harrow), 16 November (Ealing)
  • Session 3: Personal statements and UCAS references – 5 March (Harrow), 6 March (Ealing)
  • Session 4: How universities use contextual data – 9 July (Harrow), 10 July (Ealing)
  • Sessions 5: Admissions tests and interviews – 23 July (Harrow), 24 July (Ealing)
  • Summer School: Wednesday 31 July – Saturday 3 August (St John’s College, Oxford)

Twilight sessions will take place 4pm-6pm on each date. Please note that you are only expected to attend the sessions in Ealing or in Harrow (not both).

Teacher Flyer

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