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Climate Summit: Political Action in Practice

Put yourself in the shoes of policymakers, from the level of local councils all the way to the United Nations, as you formulate, assess, and pitch policies to address the climate crisis.

Workshop One: Local and National Politics

In this workshop, students will look at what governments can do to address the problems posed by climate change, at a local and a national level, as they debate who is responsible for tackling climate change – is it the job of individuals, of governments, or of organisations?

Workshop Two: International Relations

In this second workshop, students will move from the national to the international, as they participate in an international conference examining the causes and costs of climate change from the perspective of a range of countries across the globe, before presenting their very own briefing for the UK government based on what they have learnt.


Class Creator – Joely Axelrod
(History and Politics teacher at Nower Hill High School, Harrow)

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