About Inspire Digital

The Inspire Magazine is a termly publication from St John’s College Oxford that aims to make learning fun! With practice puzzles set and solved by Oxford tutors, competitions with amazing prizes, and the chance for your school to contribute to the magazine with puzzles of their own, there really is no better place to enhance your learning! You also have a chance to ask our Access & Admissions team and our student ambassadors  questions or to give us suggestions about interesting titles for future editions.

A message from the Editor

Issue 1: How to make a successful video game?

Issue 2: What is the power of a volcano?

We’ve got video interviews with current St John’s students and St John’s Tutors and there are also resources for applying to Oxford, University and College Open Days. Be sure to also check out the external resources and calendar of upcoming events at the bottom of the homepage.

About the Inspire Programme

This website is part of the Inspire Programme at St John’s College, Oxford. Through the Inspire Programme, we want to encourage all pupils with exceptional promise to aim high, to stretch themselves academically and to be confident in making well-founded applications to a top university like Oxford. The programme is tailored to each year group; you can find out more about what we offer each year group on the college’s website here.

For more information on the other access and outreach initiatives at St John’s, please see the Working with Schools pages on the college’s website here.