Inspire Critical Thinking 2022/23 – Workshop 1 is now available!

Pupils registered for Inspire Critical Thinking 2022/23 are now able to access the first workshop!

The academic articles of Inspire Critical Thinking Workshop 1 centre around the question ‘what is sport, and how does it work?’ and you’ll find articles in a range of subjects, from classics to physics. This workshop’s critical thinking focus is ‘metacognition’ – the act of thinking about thinking – and we’ve got some helpful advice for using metacognition to plan for revision. We’ll also be showing you some of the amazing sporting societies that the University of Oxford has on offer, and interviews with some incredible St John’s College athletes!

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• Whether you are happy for us to share your work on social media

Click here to access this month’s workshop (remember, you will need the password sent to you via email).