Years 9, 10 and 11 Programme: Class 2 Release!

We’re excited to welcome you back to the St John’s Inspire Programme for Years 9, 10 & 11 with the materials for the second class. 

A copy of the Class 2 Magazine PDF is downloadable from the course page.
Plain-text versions of all of the articles in this month’s class, are also available for those unable to access the PDF. 

In our second class, we’ll be continuing to dig deeper into some of the topics we’ve already explored in the first class. We’ll take a look at some ways in which computers and new technologies are continuing to revolutionise a wide variety of fields, from zoology and conservation, to medicine, psychology and genetics, including an examination of the exciting (but controversial) new technology of gene-editing. And in the humanities, we’ll continue our exploration of the ancient world and attitudes to the notion of ‘progress’ in Greece and Rome, as well as leaping forward to the 20th century to a pivotal moment in the history of modern art in post-war Britain.

Students can also find several challenges throughout the class, based on some of the articles. Students are encouraged to send us their responses to these challenges – or any work they produce based on any of the articles. Every entry received each month will be entered into a prize draw to win Amazon vouchers, and everyone who submits at least one piece of work to us over the course of the programme will receive a certificate of participation. 


  • Class 3 will be released on Wednesday 2nd March 2022

For students wanting to keep in touch between classes, we also post plenty of other content on our Instagram.